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What if I cannot afford to hire you?

Unfortunately, this office cannot offer pro bono assistance. However, there may be other sources of legal representation, such as your County Bar Association, which may have a pro bono panel, or a local law school which may have a legal clinic. Various legal aid organizations may be able to offer assistance for specific types of cases.

Additionally, the California Court of Appeal’s website has a great deal of helpful information. Your local law library will have practice guides which will explain the process thoroughly.

Finally, if you are seeking to appeal a felony conviction or a juvenile court order, and you are indigent; you may be entitled to an appointed attorney at no expense to you. The Notice of Appeal available at the criminal court or juvenile court has a section in which you may request appointment of counsel.

Will you review my appellate brief and give me suggestions?

The short answer is “no.” As Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying: “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock and trade.” We are a full-service appellate law firm, providing top quality research and writing. We do not work as consultants to others filing their own briefs, either attorneys or lay persons.