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Why should I hire John L. Dodd & Associates?

Mr. Dodd is a former research attorney at the California Court of Appeal. This gave him valuable insight into the mechanics of an appeal and the manner in which appellate justices decide cases. He has been certified by the State Bar of California as an Specialist in Appellate Law since 1996, and has handled over 1,000 appellate matters in his over 25 years of practice. Mr. Dodd has argued hundreds of cases before the California Court of Appeal, as well as 10 matters before the California Supreme Court.

In addition to his appellate experience, Mr. Dodd spent many years handling civil litigation and real property matters. He gained valuable courtroom experience, plus an understanding of the various steps in a lawsuit which some other appellate attorneys lack. However, for more than 10 years, our practice has been devoted exclusive to appellate matters and assisting other attorneys with complex legal research.

This breadth and depth of experience sets this firm apart from others who dabble in appeals or “have handled some appeals” in the past. All our attorneys have considerable appellate experience and have demonstrated excellent research and writing skills.

We are a small, collegial firm and keep overhead low so as to keep our hourly rates competitive. Although “big firms” often have attorneys who have appellate experience, someone is paying for those impressive facilities, generally the client. Additionally, some law firms may assign appeals to new lawyers or summer law clerks, in the apparent belief that taking depositions or handling trial work is “real” lawyer work, but “paperwork” is beneath the more senior attorneys. Appeals are all we do. We do not view them as second-class assignments.

We are efficient and are able to get to the heart of the matter and complete projects without the undue consumption of time. Although some attorneys may charge lower hourly rates, they may not be proficient in appellate procedure or may take longer to draft a brief, which ends up costing the client more money.